Social Media for Businesses – When Should I be Posting?


social media for businessHow effective are your business’s social media accounts? If you are struggling to get the results you want, it may not be because of what you are posting, but because of when you are posting. The timing of your social media posts is almost as important as the content you are sharing and even the products or services you are offering. Here are some guidelines to help you optimize the timeline of your social media posts.

Consider the Frequency

Timing your social media posts starts with frequency. You must find a balance between too many posts and not enough to engage your audience. The answer to frequency depends on the platform you are using. Here are some basic guidelines:

5 posts per day on Pinterest
3 tweets per day on Twitter
2 posts per day on Facebook

Going against that frequency could cause you to loose engagement as your followers become immune to or even annoyed by your posts.

Consider the Time of Day and Week

In addition, the time of day and the day of the week matters as well. For instance, Thursdays and Fridays are the best days to post on Facebook, and other social media sites have similar statistics. People who are tired of being at work are interested in being on social media. The beginning of the work week, however, is the worst time to post.

The time of day is also similar. When people are starting to tire of the workday, they turn to social media. Posting around 1 p.m. will earn you the most “shares,” while you will get the most clicks if you post around 3. After about 7 p.m., engagement decreases significantly.

Understanding the best times to post to social media is the key to creating a system that works for your business. If you are looking for additional help building a social media brand that will work for your business, Soaring Away is ready to help.

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