How to Protect or Save a Reputation on Social Mediation


reputation-on-social-mediationLarge businesses have teams to cover a crisis with their brand should one arise, but a small business may not have such luxuries.  The rise of social media means it is very simple for someone to start a viral campaign that will quickly turn your business sour.  Prevention is the best medicine.  Here are a few positive tips to keep your name, business and reputation on the up and up on social media.

Be ready – New social media platforms appear all of the time, and there is no guarantee which will be the next big thing.  The best way to handle this is to be on the new media as soon as possible with a name of your business.  Spend time learning about it, how to post, how to message and add people.  Knowing about any potential feedback is a good idea as well.

Be consistent – Social media is 24/7.  This does not mean you have to be on every minute, but you do need to have a presence daily.  There are tools available for you to help monitor and checking into them may be a wise decision.

Be a censor – The social media is an extension of you and your business.  Negativity needs to be quelled as soon as possible.  This helps keep your site happy and free of unnecessary commentary.

Be proactive – Threats happen.  You need to be aware and on point in case this should happen to protect your reputation.

Be responsive – Posters on social media want to know you are there and listening.  Posting replies, thank you’s and answering questions shows you have an interest in the media and customer.  There is power in personal attention.

Social media is a powerful tool, but those who do not pay attention to it will quickly find how devastating it can be against a name.

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