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All businesses need tools to run their business.

If your business is home repair you know that you'll need at the minimum a screwdriver, a hammer, etc.

A lot of business forget the tools you'll need to maintain your website.

Listed below are some resources that you as a business owner may need to maintain your website.
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Autoresponder Service

You need a way to stay in touch with your online customers. I recommend aweber for this tool.

You can also use mailchimp if your budget is tight.

Domain Or Website Name/URL

You need a domain name right? Yes, go buy your name first--you gotta own it or someone else will. It's the most important piece of online real estate you can own.

I recommend two resources for your domain--why two? Cuz you always need a backup system in place.

Godaddy is another option for your domain purchase.


Once you buy your domain your need to host it. Don't use Godaddy for hosting. More on that later.

I recommend two resources for hosting:

Blue Label Host and be sure to tell Shelby that Holly sent you.

Hostgator Your website will be up and running in no time.

Customer Service--Shock & Awe!

You need a way to stay in touch with your clients and/or potential clients. Click here to use the system I use to "Shock & Awe" my clients.

Free How To Videos

This is my site and if you only have 5 minutes to learn something new--you're gonna love this site. Every video is 5 minutes or under!

Shrink Images For Website

I was searching online for a tool to shrink my pictures prior to loading to a clients site--it save a lot of server room. I found this tool and love it. It's great for shrinking one picture at a time.

I love this for short or long stays.

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