How to Use Social Media to Market Your Roofing Business


use social mediaAs a roofer, your work is out there in the field at your customer’s home. While technology can help you do the job well, it’s not often the first place you think of for marketing. Yet technology and social media specifically, can help your roofing business thrive. Here are some tips for using social media to create a buzz about your company.

Set up Profiles

The first step is to set up profiles for your company, not yourself personally, on popular social media sties. These include Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus.

Let Your Customers Know

If you are already using email to reach customers, send an email blast telling your customers about your social media sites, and providing a coupon or contest for those who “Like” or “Follow” you. If you don’t use email, mail a flyer (which is slightly less effective) to your current and past customers. Add the information to your marketing materials, and verbally ask for “Likes” when you interact with customers.

Make Content Valuable

Once you have some followers or “likes,” make sure the content you post is valuable. It should not always be marketing in nature. On fact, only about 10 percent of what you post should be marketing. The rests should include maintenance tips, updates about your specials, ideas for keeping the home and roof safe and warnings about potential weather that could affect your customers’ roofs. The more valuable, the more engagement you will get from your customers.


Finally, engage with your customers. Spend item interacting, replying to messages and posts and making your pages a friendly, community-oriented place.

Leveraging social media for a roofing business is not easy, but it can be done, and social media can become an effective tool for you. If you need a little help, Soaring Away can assist you with using social media effectively to reach your target audience.

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