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picture marketingWhat does it mean to market your business with pictures?

We all know that a picture is worth a 1,000 words–so it makes perfect sense to let your pictures tell your story.

That’s why pinterest is so popular–it’s all about telling stories.

When working with client we always ask for lots of pictures and we use them; boy do we use them.

What for? Well for starters your local maps setup (google, yahoo, and bing) just to name a few.

But we also use them in your videos, profiles, social media sites and more.

Now to want pictures is one thing–actually getting them another.

1. nobody likes to have their picture taken–at least I know I don’t

2. we do our best to make it easy–but it’s still one of the hardest things to get completed

3. the how to get them to us–becomes an issue

So, we setup a simple system for our clients to load pictures using DropBox–each client gets their own folder–where they can load pictures, videos, files, and more.

When a client loads files to their new dropbox–I get a notice that new files are added–and our marketing team can take it from there.

In summary–get your camera out–take some pictures–and call us so we can help you with your marketing.

Holly Powell Reputation Marketing Architect



Holly Powell

+Holly Powell Holly Powell, Local Search Marketing Consultant has been in the local search marketing industry since the early 2000's, helping local small businesses "Get More Customers" by increasing your brand awareness through the power of social media.

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