Google Local and the 5 Star Rating


Soooo, Google Local has made another change to the local map and the NEW rating system.

Yes, the rating system is back! So what does that mean to your business and how does Google figure the ratings?

The following table gives you a basic idea of what the ratings mean:

Previous Scale

New 5 Star System





Very Good




Prior to the new rating above–user ratings from Poor-Fair to Excellent were converted to a numerical score and expressed on a 30 point scale.

If you do a search for a local business and don’t see a rating; there is a reason. A business must have at least 5 ratings BEFORE the rating will appear on the Google maps section of the search. I Googled carpet store wilmington nc and you see that Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company has at least 5 reviews; therefore, their rating shows up–while Sutton Rugs does not have a rating–which listing looks more appealing to you?

5 star rating google maps







If you’re a small business owner your goal TODAY should be to get more reviews–a minimum of 5 is key!

If you are confused about your Google maps ratings and need help with your Reputation marketing call us today (910) 351-0114

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Holly Powell

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