How to Create a Killer Facebook Advertising Campaign


Facebook AdvertisingWhile pretty much every social networking channel now has its very own fully-integrated system for advertising, Facebook still reigns supreme as far as audience, insights and features is concerned. As a business, this means it’s the perfect place to start. Below are my tips for creating a killer advertising campaign on Facebook:

Mine audience insights

Audience Insights on Facebook is amongst the best tools you’ll have at your disposal. Essentially, it permits you to learn about certain audiences before targeting them or risking your budget. It’ll work by mining available data on Facebook and showing you precisely who your target audience is, based upon individuals who already like your Facebook page.

Create unique advertising sets for every audience

One neat feature of Facebook’s ad platform is that it’s possible to create separate advertising sets for unique audiences. You can, in other words, create two separate advertisements and deliver them to two very unique audiences. Or it’s possible to create the same precise advertisement and send it to two separate audiences. The result, ultimately, is better targeting.

Accompany advertisements with landing pages

Very seldom should you connect an advertisement to your product page or website without initially pushing traffic through a landing page. A landing page allows you to maximize your advertising efforts on Facebook by educating your audience before asking them to purchase.

Landing pages will make sense because advertising on Facebook is not cheap. You are going to spend money on the clicks and you want every click to count. Merely sending them to a basic product page or website without any concise direction of what they should do is a waste of your money.

Use striking imagery

You will hear individuals teach courses on how to write ad copy on Facebook, yet for some reason, the same attention is not given to the images utilized in these advertisements. That’s unfortunate, since visual content is more influential than textual content.

According to Nicolas Gremion of, you do not need to use a shot of your service, product, or business. Instead use a (if possible, relevant) photo which catches people’s eye and have them read the advertisement. According to Facebook, you cannot use images which contain over 20% words; therefore, it is clear that photos are designed to get attention, and not show a message. Take advantage of that valuable real estate inside your advertisement.

Set up a budget and bid strategy

Lastly, is important to establish a budget and bid strategy. Otherwise you will wind up spending more than intended. Facebook, thankfully, makes it simple by permitting you to use what is referred to as Optimized CPM.

With that tool, you essentially are giving Facebook permission to bid for advertisement space based upon the goals and constraints provided. Generally, this permits you to avoid overspending and maximize your budget. Until you gain an idea of how much advertisement space costs and how you should allocate your budget, it is better to allow Facebook to take care of this campaign aspect.

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