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Excellent Online ReviewsA market intelligence provider, Mintel, discovered that 69% of consumers search opinions and advice on services and goods on the Internet before buying; however, 73% of online shoppers just search the first page while looking for a service or product. Your listing must be on page one, if you have a desire to be discovered.

However, that will take a lot of reviews — studies show a location’s 1st ten reviews online may move you from search engine netherworld over to the top part of page one.

Furthermore, your star ratings and reviews will determine the size of the dot that marks your locations upon Google maps — map dots are smaller for the ones who have fewer reviews and bigger for companies that have a larger volume of recent reviews.

To Increase Rankings and Ratings, Enlist the Voice of Customers

Utilizing proven ORM (Online Reputation Management) strategies, it’s possible to build volumes of reviews, which will lead to higher star ratings and search rankings — showing prospective customers that you do deliver the outstanding service they expect. Here is how:

1) Request reviews. Even though some individuals ware going to review you without a request, the percentage is going to be low. Individuals are busy — it may not occur to them. Request reviews after all customer interactions to build volume. Past studies by Bazaar voice proves 87% of reviews are positive; therefore, there is little risk in requesting them.
2) Make it easy. Once you request, make follow up simple. Utilize an Online Reputation Management channel to automate the generation of review requests and surveys through SMS and email after every customer interaction. Only 2-3 questions is enough, or you even can allow responders to click a star rating or sad/happy image, instead of having them write about anything out. Individuals are more likely to leave a review if it just takes a couple of seconds.
3) Promptly respond. If you do not promptly reply to a concern voiced on the Internet, a customer’s negative feelings might intensify, and they might complain about you to their social networks or friends or even write extra negative reviews. Respond to at least 20% of positive reviews and 100% of negative reviews, according to Thank customers for their feedback, be respectful, and if there is an issue or concern, allow them to know you are doing whatever possible to remedy the issue.
4) Share positive feedback. A review may be user-generated, high-quality content. If you get a positive review, share the review on your social networks and website. Doing this will assist in spreading the word about your services, as well as the experience you offer.
5) Optimize social pages. Social media websites are high authority channels for search engines. Make social media profiles upon all of the major social channels and optimize them using keywords relevant to your company. Include buttons which link to popular review websites to make it simple for customers to post reviews. Be certain the “Review” feature is on while setting up a Facebook page.

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