Are You A Business Owner and Trying To Attract New Business?

Our marketing packages were created based on feedback provided by small business owners.

We do our best to keep our readers updated on current news about marketing, social media, free tools, latest trends, etc that are available to the small business owner.


Some small business owners might be thinking, “I can’t afford your services.”

Let’s say you decide to hire someone in-house to handle your marketing; social media engagement, content marketing, bookmarking, image marketing, press release marketing, reputation marketing, and more—how much would that cost you?

Let’s break it down—the following is approx. and for example only:


We still haven’t figured in the cost of vacation time, bonuses, medical (if provided), training, computer equipment, and more.

Today, small business owners can’t afford NOT to have some type of marketing plan in place!

Our recommendation is to start with a Reputation Monitoring Package!





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