Facebook Advertising: Beyond the Basics


Facebook AdvertisingThe Facebook Ad tips within this post will assist you in getting the most bang for your buck.

Drive Traffic to a Landing Page that is Optimized

Drive traffic from your Facebook advertisements to capture leads. Be certain the advertisement leads directly to a page on your website which tells the prospective customer what they should do next. You’ll literally be throwing your money down the drain if you don’t have a converting landing page that directs the targeted traffic on Facebook.

Don’t Send Traffic Right to a Sales Page

Get your prospective clients/customers to sign up for a newsletter and provide some valuable content—free of charge before bringing your offer up. If you offer your prospective clients/customers free assistance and results ahead of time, they’ll be more inclined to buy from you as you present them with relevant offers.

Successful digital marketing will take some patience to obtain the best results. If you continuously barrage the audience with sales pitches, you’ll come across as desperate and less individuals will want to conduct business with you. The fortune is within the follow up and if you regularly follow up and build trust with the audience you’ll earn more sales.

Track Your Performance

On a regular basis, utilize tools such as Google Analytics to track your performance. Be certain your ads are creating interest; not burning out. Keep changing the advertisement every 6 months with exciting offers, new headlines, and new images.

Have a Clear Call-to-Action on Landing Page

Comprehensible call-to-actions have to be established within the Facebook ad itself and additionally on your landing page. For example, it’s possible to add text illustrations encouraging individuals to “click here” and take some action. Graphic calls-to-action also work great. Your headlines, images, and logo also can have a direct call-to-action.

Know How to Calculate and Track ROI

In order to calculate the ROI, you require five things: the total amount of impressions; total cost of Facebook advertisements, response rate or click rates, Conversion Rate (from Google Analytics); as well as Average profit/ sale. What you must figure out is how much you’re paying to get every sale. As you know that, it’s possible to figure out your profitability in order for you to determine if it makes sense to scale the campaign.

Keep Landing Page Inside Facebook

If you make a customized landing page inside Facebook it’ll make the advertisements less expensive than if you send the traffic somewhere on the Internet. One extra bonus to keeping your traffic inside Facebook is that it’s possible to pick “likes” up for the page and still accomplish conversion goals such as a sale or a lead. If you wish to include a lengthy copy sales letter inside a customized Facebook application on one of the Facebook pages, it’s possible, since there aren’t any page height restrictions for customized Facebook applications.

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