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google-plusGoogle+ entered the marketplace so quickly that many people didn’t even realize what was actually going on. One minute you were able to post comments on YouTube by simply logging into your account, the next you are being asked to enter your Google+ or Gmail account information. Even though Google+ might not be where Facebook is yet, the service corresponds with social media marketing in more ways than you can imagine. Top brands are listing the Google+ icon on their television ads next to Twitter and Facebook. It doesn’t matter whether you like Google+ or not, it is becoming one of the main players when it comes to social media marketing. It has one thing going for it that no other site does, that being Google.

As the second largest social media platform, it cannot be ignored. Business owners need to take advantage of the platform and leverage it any way they can.

Google+ seeks to help business owners succeed through visibility. They are constantly launching a number of different applications that incorporate Google+ in the search results. If you search for information about the Pope, you are going to find a number ofdifferent posts from TIME, CTV, NBC and more.

For those who use Google+, as long as you are sharing posts that have relevant, new information on a regular basis, you are going to be pushed upward through the search engine ranks in no time. Just like any search engine, keywords are crucial in how you are going to appear in page searches. Posting on a regular basis using keywords that relate to your text, while integrating those keywords elsewhere in your Google+ page, will go a long way in getting your site the attention it deserves.

By linking back to your own website, you are going to improve your personal website optimization and your Google+ optimization. If you create an authorship for your most frequent posters, it will help to get you higher in the search engines. Instead of ranking at the bottom of a list, you can now be right up there with all of the other popular websites.

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