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Faebook adsI routinely notice business owners tossing away all of their hard-earned cash on ineffective Facebook advertising. That makes me sad, because oftentimes, all it’ll take are some small tweaks to make their advertisements explode. Within this post, I will share 4 of the most typical Facebook advertisement mistakes I notice owners of businesses making as it’ll comes to Facebook ads. At all costs, avoid them!

Creating an audience that is too general

One most powerful thing about Facebook ads includes the capability of targeting using laser focus. However, I find that most business owners become hung up on reaching MORE individuals, even if these people are extremely general.

The issue with this strategy is that you will wind up spending a ton of money on lots of reach, yet see few conversions. You might be reaching lots of individuals, yet you aren’t reaching the PROPER individuals.

Testing different audiences out for your advertisement may make all the difference. For those “cold audiences” (individuals who do not know you) it’s recommended to use a targeted audience size of about 500,000 to one million individuals for digital products.

Spending all of your cash before Facebook optimizes your campaign or ad

To be clear, what you’ll optimize for may be different than your goals (e.g., your goal may be impressions while you’re still optimizing for clicks).

What that means is that as the advertisement is shown, Facebook tweaks the delivery of the advertisement based upon what type of results they are receiving. For example, if they notice that your advertisement is doing well with ladies in the 25 to 34 age group, they will show the advertisement more often to those users inside that group.

Here’s the issue: if you allow the campaign or ad to run too quickly, you might be using up the whole advertising budget before Facebook has the opportunity to optimize your campaign or ad.

Here’s the fix: Be certain to give your advertisements at the minimum of 3 to 4 days to run before you spend your entire budget, or before pausing, editing or pulling the ads.

Only using a single graphic in the ad

An image is the most critical component of the whole Facebook ad. But, most businesses are content with using a single image and hoping for the best.

Here’s a more effective strategy: split test up to six photos for every advertisement created. Facebook will make split testing simple by randomly splitting the audience up into parts. Then, they’ll show six versions of the advertisement (each with different images) to these different segments (All six versions of the ad is part of the same advertisement set).

Not using any videos in the ads

Video advertisements work similarly to regular advertisements, and you’ll even have the choice to optimize for video views. It’ll permit Facebook to automatically tweak the video based upon who is most likely to watch it.

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