What Does Regularly Adding Content to My Website Do?


southport-nc-reputation-marketingIn the past twenty years or so, a relatively new invention caught the eyes of nearly all global consumers. Now serving billions of users, the World Wide Web is humongous and contains billions of webpages. Making a website now serves to be very useful. However, having a website alone does not mean anything. Some websites have millions of users, while others struggle with just a few. Simply having a website will not constitute viewers, so what will change the numbers?

Google and Their Research

According to studies done by Google, updating your site is very important. A few years ago, Google released a program they created that determines the “freshness” of Webpages.  A webpage is determined “fresh” by the amount of times it has been updated since it was initially created.

Google uses this program themselves on their search engine, which is one way that determines how items will be placed in a search. Basically, concluding all of the data added together from Google’s research and programs, how often a webpage is updated controls almost 60 percent of the amount of viewers on that webpage. In order to keep your website huddling with viewers, you must update it all the time. This is just one of the factors that determine viewers however.

Ways to Update Your Website

Also, not every update has to be huge either. There are many ways in which you can update your website and not need to do much work. Simply checking on the site alone already changes the update information, which does help.

A few other things that could be updated are the titles to articles or anything on the website, updating all texts to correspond with the date and time of the modern world, and adding information either to a new part of the site or simply adding information to text that already exists. One last thing that you could update is the design and colors of the website or page(s), or you could change logos or artwork on the site as well.

After all, the world is very easy to live in with all of our technology at our fingertips. We can do everything we couldn’t do in the past and even more than that. Everyone in the world has equal opportunity. Having a website is just one of the many things available in the world today. Don’t you think it is worth your time to update your website and provide current information to others?

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