Predictions, Tips and Trends for SEO in 2014


Did you know that Google makes roughly 500 changes to their search engine algorithms every single year? Since their first Panda update back in 2011, many of their updates and changes are far from reaching their goal. The main goal is to increase quality content over that of thin content, punish any spammy sites and link building practices and push any of the digital marketers away from those who rely solely on using keywords.

All of the changes are aimed at being able to improve Google search engine results for its users. When it comes to search engine optimization, the updates can be somewhat frustrating, confusing and confounding. You need someone who knows what it takes to put all of those confusing algorithms to work for your company. Instead of stressing out over how to best handle your content strategy, let a professional handle it all for you.

SEO is always going to be around. Think of SEO as a tax law. It has a set of strategies and compliance issues that business owners can optimize around them. SEO is always going to be in existence. Smart business owners have stopped trying to chase after the confusing algorithms. Today, businesses are looking at a metrics-based system for creating content that falls in line with the demand of the market.

Content marketing and search engine optimization are becoming synonymous with one another. If you take the time to play by the rules, you will quickly learn that you cannot have one without the other. Traditional SEO is always going to have its own place. People often underestimate all of the work that goes into keyword research, having to tag all of the pages and the overall website structure. There is far more to SEO than adding in a bunch of spammy website links.

The basics of search engine optimization aren’t ever going to go away. Content is considered one of the newest methods for driving and optimizing traffic. You have to prepare your website with basic SEO tactics and keyword research. In doing so, you are laying down the tracks for the big locomotive to come through. When you have the right engine leading the way, it sets the tone for everything about your business.

Even though you might not realize it, search engines are actually getting smarter and smarter. Don’t think of search engine optimization as just a bunch of keywords, links and HTML codes. It is much more than that. By bringing on someone who knows what SEO is all about, you can focus on other aspects of your business to help it grow and flourish. Before you know it, you will be dominating the search engines with fresh, engaging content.

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