Marketing Should be Centered on the Customer


When it comes to marketing your business, it should be focused on the customer and not on you.  Even though this trend may not be something new, it seems as if many business owners fall short on this aspect in the marketing mix.  The approach has changed in ways that we have not seen in years prior, so it is important that you have someone working for you that understands the proper way to market your business and reap the rewards of your efforts.  Smart marketing is not about hype, but rather, it is all about getting the help needed to make it happen.

In today’s society, people are overwhelmed with invitations to like, follow, click and grab attention at every turn.  When you compile the tremendous amount of social media platforms in the mix, it’s easy to see how people become overwhelmed with everything out there.  People feel as if they are put into a straightjacket when it comes to figuring out which way to turn.  Companies can break through this problem using competitiveness and cacophony.  You have the choice to be useful or amazing, which way you go is completely up to you.

Even though you may not be able to be amazing all of the time, you can make sure you are useful.  By focusing your marketing campaign on providing valuable information to consumers, you are going to drive sales to your business in a way like never before thought possible.  This non-traditional approach now is going to be something normal as the year’s progress.  If you are selling a product, you are going to create a customer for today.  Helping someone will create customers for life.  Getting the right marketing campaign on social media networks is important to the success or failures of your business.

Holly Powell

+Holly Powell Holly Powell, Local Search Marketing Consultant has been in the local search marketing industry since the early 2000's, helping local small businesses "Get More Customers" by increasing your brand awareness through the power of social media.

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