Is Facebook Engagement Really Important for your Business?


facebook engagementAs you build your business Facebook page, you may find yourself putting a strong focus on gathering likes. While likes are great, after all a page with thousands of fans is going to get more exposure than one with just a hundred, the crucial aspect of Facebook fan pages is not likes, but rather actual Facebook engagement. Engagement shows that you have an active, receptive lead that is likely to become a customer.

Why Engagement Rules Supreme

If you post a Facebook post and your fans scan past it without taking action, it likely has no impact on them or their opinion of your business. It simply gets filed with the rest of the digital noise that customer is exposed to in the day.

But, if the customer takes the time to “like” the post or, better yet, comment on it, then they are actively engaged with your business. Their minds are thinking about your business and how it can benefit them. Even better, that engagement may show up in the news feeds of their friends, allowing further exposure for your brand.

Ways to Increase Engagement

If you are looking to increase engagement on your Facebook page, consider these strategies:

•    Minimize posts – one to two a day will get better engagements, with a maximum of four times per week.
•    Keep it short – Posts smaller than 250 characters get the most engagement.
•    Add a Picture – Double your “likes” and increase comments by over 100 percent with a photo.
•    Ask for a Response – Use a question or survey to elicit a response
•    Post at the Right Time – People are on social media when they are not at work, so evening and morning times are best. Wednesdays and Sundays are the best days, with Friday being the worst day, so make sure to post strategically.

Remember, your goal is to get people actively interacting with your business. Post strategically and ask for responses, and watch as your engagement increases.

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