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search-engine-rankA decade ago, getting your website to the top of the search engine ranks through Google was easier than you might think. You chose a domain name, learned some basic coding, did some research on keywords, created title and meta tags, wrote a few hundred words and called it good. Thanks to the recent changes from Google, you need to have content that is authentic, quality, usable and of high authority. Many of those tips that helped you get your website to the top of the search ranks years ago won’t work today.

To help you get your business website where you want it to be, take a look at some of the following tips and tricks.

Implementing and Learning the Basics of Marketing

It all starts with a plan. Regardless of how many buzzwords or inventions are introduced, SEO is essentially marketing. Marketing on the Internet to get results that matter comes from an effective SEO strategy.

Structuring Your Website

Organize your website in a manner that makes it easy to navigate. Even though it might seem like a lot initially, the main goal isn’t to overwhelm or not be able to deliver on your marketing plan.

Creating a Digital Footprint

It isn’t all about the search engines. You need to embrace partnerships, guest blogging, traditional marketing and solid relationships.

Design Your Website to Work on Multiple Screens

You want to create a website that is user-friendly on any number of devices. Make sure it will function on tablets, phones, computers and so on. Don’t leave anything to chance in terms of your design strategy.

Perform Research on Keyword Inquiries

Look at what keywords are being inquired about the most. Once you understand what words to mold your website around, you can make sure your website is using the power of keyword optimization.

Make Sure You Write a Sufficient Amount of Content

Even though there aren’t any ideal lengths in terms of content, you do want to make sure you provide enough information in regards to what the customer is looking for. Don’t leave them guessing on what’s coming next.

To better understand SEO and content writing, take the time to speak with a qualified professional who knows how to get the job done right.

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Holly Powell

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