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Maps Marketing FirmAre you a local business owner?

Are you listed “on the beloved” Google map?

Are you a service area business? (The rules are different if you are–see # 6 below).

Not on the map? Drop everything you’re doing and do this now!

1. Take 10 pictures of you, your office (outside and inside), your staff, and maybe your clients/customers.

2. Name your pictures by your keyword/cateogory and add your City and State. For example, if you’re a dentist then before uploading to your Google+ Business page rename the picture to dentist-city-state. Don’t name all 10 pictures the same. Mix it up between your products/services, your business name, and your actual name. Yes you want folks to find you (the owner) right?

3. Create 5 videos about you and your business. These can be testimonials or FAQ videos. Load them to YouTube so you can use those links in your Google + Business page

4. Make sure your website uses the exact NAP (Name, Address, Phone #) as you use when you’re posting your business on the local directories.

5. Don’t add a City or State to your business name (believe me–your listing may not get approved–even if it does–it won’t last).

6. If you are a service area business (you go to clients) like Home Repair, Appliance Repair, Carpet Cleaner, etc. –hide your physical address on your profile. Then list your areas served. Note: google+ business page management is not available for service area businesses yet.

OK, that’s just a start.

More to come in later posts.

Holly Powell Reputation Marketing Architect

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