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Link Building Southport NCIf you have a desire to build up a loyal base of customers who not only buy from you yet happily recommend you to their family and friends, you must concentrate on tactics which will offer your customers a good user experience. Below are some “white-hat” techniques for link building that you should follow:

Create Customer-Focused, Fresh Content

One of the most efficient and easiest methods of receiving quality inbound links includes generating your own insightful, quality, and unique content which compels individuals to want to link to your website on their own. A link that is found inside blog posts may be an excellent backlink source and links within social media websites, like Twitter and Facebook, are becoming more and more valued by Google.

Quality Over Quantity

Above everything else, the quality of a website’s inbound links includes the most important. Some reliable and trustworthy links may be more precious than hundreds of questionable links. It’s worth the additional effort to search for links from valued, high-trafficked sites.


Even though it might seem tempting to search for easier link targets, the relevance of a link to a site will matter a good deal. The linking site’s content and link’s anchor text has to be relevant to the landing page to which a link leads. The more relevant and targeted an inbound link is, the greater the vote of confidence for a website.

Anchor Text

Such text offers search engines cues about the content of a page which is being linked to. Any website that links into your website ideally will use mainly branded text, as well as targeted anchor text utilizing the keywords you’re targeting on the page. Generally, it’s recommended to have 70% of the backlink anchor text be branded, as well as a full URL or logo to possess a natural anchor text profile. Anchor text that is over-optimized may set triggers off for penalties. One example might be if 70% of links contain the text “handmade jewelry.”

Provide Value in Exchange

Here is the trickiest part of building links: getting webmasters to spend some time on building links for you – free of charge. It is simpler to get them to have a desire to help you if you provide something valuable in exchange for an inbound link.

What isn’t recommended is to offer to exchange links. It is an outdated tactic which likely will either negate the value of the link or flag spiders on the search engines as questionable behavior.

Online Directories

It’s preferable for the directory to be human-edited, as a directory which requires a vetting process usually is given more weight than directories which have entries you may add yourself. Directories aren’t just a valuable inbound link source, they also can boost traffic by advertising your website to possible users.

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