3 Tips for Better Facebook Video Advertisements


Video advertisements are amongst the most powerful Facebook advertising formats for producing user engagement. Within this post, you will discover 3 tips for utilizing video in your Facebook advertisement campaigns.

Make an Impact within the First Couple of Seconds

Considering how many articles people see within their news feeds on Facebook, it is impossible to interact with and read them all. For this reason, they make a fast decision about whether an article is worth paying attention to.

Video advertisements aren’t any different. Video ads, to be effective, must achieve a couple of things: grab a user’s attention in 2 to 3 seconds and have a brief duration, potentially no more than twenty seconds total.

Unfortunately, most video advertisements do not successfully accomplish this, resulting in poor outcomes and low engagement. You may see this yourself by assessing audience retention for all of your organic videos. This curve likely will appear like the one below. As you’re able to see, the drop rate was greatest in the initial couple of seconds, and the average percentage of individuals who finished the video was 33 percent.

Facebook Video Advertisements

The majority of the time, audience retention dips after a couple of seconds.

To make an effective video advertisement, you must make an impact within the initial couple of seconds. Show your audience something which will make them curious in order for them to view what occurs next.

Pique Curiosity using the Thumbnail

While creating a video advertisement, bear in mind that most Facebook users deactivated their autoplay option upon their mobile devices. Therefore, they must click on the video advertisement to make it play.

To encourage viewers, trigger curiosity with the thumbnail. Facebook allows you to select from a variety of images randomly chosen from your video. If you do not find any of those images engaging enough, it’s possible to upload your very own image for your thumbnail. To do that, upload or choose the video you wish to use in the advertisement then push the Custom Thumbnail space.

For better rendering, pick a thumbnail which has the same aspect ratio as a video, which is 1.1 or 16:9 for square videos. It’s different from 1:1.91 ratio suggested for links.

Develop Several Video Audiences

Creating customized audiences from videos isn’t new. For quite some time, you could make two audiences from individuals viewing your video based upon this criteria: users who viewed at least three seconds of the video and users who viewed at least 95 percent of the video.

These customized audiences were efficient and could be utilized in various ways. But, there were a few problems. For instance, the video had to have at least 1,000 plays within a 24-hour span, which wasn’t easy for small-budget advertisers.

Facebook, fortunately updated that feature. You now can create customized audiences from video.

Using Facebook Audience Insights, you also can assess the customized audience and gain more insights about the individuals engaging with the content.

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