How to Protect or Save a Reputation on Social Mediation


Large businesses have teams to cover a crisis with their brand should one arise, but a small business may not have such luxuries.  The rise of social media means it is very simple for someone to start a viral campaign that will quickly turn your business sour.  Prevention is the best medicine.  Here are a […]

How to Use Social Media to Market Your Roofing Business

use social media

As a roofer, your work is out there in the field at your customer’s home. While technology can help you do the job well, it’s not often the first place you think of for marketing. Yet technology and social media specifically, can help your roofing business thrive. Here are some tips for using social media […]

Yahoo Local – Is It Dead?

yahoo local

In the world of search marketing, Google is by far the leader. Yet the savvy internet marketer knows that skill in the industry requires marketing to all of the search engines, not just the “big one.” So what about Yahoo! Is Yahoo worth considering? Yes, it is, but one aspect of Yahoo’s online tactics, Yahoo […]